Fall in Love with Living Again

It All Starts with Passion

"It's Time to "Fall in Love with Living Again"

Do You Wake Up and Wonder "Is This All There is?"

Have your aaah's turned into awful and life a grinding monotony on the hamster wheel? 

So many people now think that "this is all there is, settle to it"

They believe that the best of life has passed them by.
You’re in the right place and I’m glad you’re here. The best is NOT over!

It all starts with passionately reawakening your senses to the world round you!

Here You Can Find Out About:

Finding Crystal Clarity About Your Vision

Knowing Your Natural Genius

Igniting Your Passion

Programs, Groups and Private Coaching

All based on the SCIENCE of CHANGE to boost your success!

Know that I see you and I'm glad you're here!

My name is Ron D. Carlson but you can call me the Rocket Man and I am passionate about helping people get off of the hamster wheel and find passion in their lives.

I will help you to design a clear path forward that will guide you toward lasting success and inner fulfillment.

My goal is to help you reveal the truth of the inner spiritual urging you feel. Only then can you fully embrace your innate genius.

I can help you BECOME your dream instead of chasing a mirage you never reach.

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Reviews from Around the World


Gott Family Medical & The Face Place

Terrific workshop! Really liked the workbook and meditation session. The culmination of integral components with explanations was terrific! Ron put ALL the core theories and ideas into focus to use!

Pamela Gott, Knoxville TN MSN, APRN, FNP-BC


Ron and I spoke this afternoon after my waiting less than 24 hours to connect with this man my friends told me was insightful and very helpful. My friends did not exaggerate. I find myself struggling to find passion in my life after retiring several years ago. My passion came originally from inspiring my students to be creative when they were in high school, a passion I have since lost.

However, after talking with Ron for just 30 minutes I began to feel I could capture the passion I once had and, if I followed Ron's guidance, the passion was bound to follow. I am hopeful for my future and grateful to spend time with Ron today. I believe for the first time in a very long time that I can find my passion...she is just waiting for me. Thank you, Ron!

Carole Ann Kaplan Retired

Gina Baker, Knoxville, TN

The biggest challenge in staying connected with my goals was to have someone hold me accountable. I gained a great amount of trust in Ron because he was very attentive and always coming up with creative ideas to keep me moving forward in the direction of where I wanted to go. Ron has an amazing gift to keep me focused, to keep me moving toward my goals no matter how hard the challenges.

Gina Baker Spiritual Counselor and Healer