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Feb 01

Local Meetup Event: 3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Intuition

By Ron D. Carlson | Passion

I’m often asked if you have to be gifted to be more intuitive and the answer is no!

In this workshop, we’ll cover the 3 things you do need in order to jumpstart your own intuition.

You’ll leave knowing:
~why expanding your intuition is so important
~the three steps to jumpstarting
~practice exercises to do for each of the steps
~plus we’ll practice one or two of the exercises during the workshop.

Join us for this session of energy fun!

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Oct 28

Is Your Responsibility bRoKeN?

By Ron D. Carlson | Passion

Can you count on you? Do you know if you’ll follow through on what you say? If you’re saying “Ouch, you can’t”, STOP. None of us is so perfect that our I’s don’t wilt sometimes. I saw this sign today outside of a local Middle School and my first thought was “oops”! Should I call the school and let […]

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