Jul 16

Don’t Over Do It!

By Ron D. Carlson | Give YOU a Break

Sometimes, we get so caught up in working, then more working, then even more working, that it’s just work.  We just run on that hamster wheel. We forget to pause, to take a break.  We don’t step aside to just breathe.  It’s during those breaks that we get re-inspired. It’s when we pause that we can get […]

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Jul 12

The Lessons from the Shadows

By Ron D. Carlson | Balance

You Can’t Run from the EclipsesWhile I’m not an astrologer, I do pay attention to celestial events in how I proceed in my work and my living.  I even utilize a calendar of astrological events to help me best select dates and timings. Many of us have heard the phrase “oh, merccury is retrograde so look […]

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Jul 04

Be Your Own Fireworks

By Ron D. Carlson | Becoming

Be Your Own FireworksDon’t get me wrong, I love the big fireworks shows with the huge and sophisticated displays. Multiple aerial effects at the same time lighting up the entire sky with the crowd of people oooing and awing in appreciation. Love it! Yesterday, I was on the end of my driveway with just two Roman candles […]

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Jun 28

Stop and Enjoy Our OWN Sunset

By Ron D. Carlson | Breathe

This was my sunset last night as I celebrated my birthday while on a trip to Florida. I took the picture, it’s not a stock photo! My point is that we so often get taken by the beauty or success or acomplishment of someone else that we forget to savor our own delicious moments. Sometimes, we simply […]

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Jun 24

Sometimes, We Need to Find New Wings

By Ron D. Carlson | Learn to Fly

My daughter raises monarch butterflies and releases them. So extraordinary to watch their transformation process!   Sometimes, one emerges but their wings don’t fully open and they can’t fly.   She feeds them honey water and watches them walk around their enclosure. We’re figuring out how to remove the old wings and replace them with […]

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