Butterfly Release and Source

By Ron D. Carlson | Passion

Sep 07

Butterfly Releases Today

Monarchs are such amazing creatures. And they connect to source.....

The last generation born in the fall actually fly all the way to Mexico to overwinter. Mind you, they've never been to Mexico and their lovely brain in tiny. 

Scientists don't know how they can manage to navigate to a place they've never been so they say stars or instinct.  

How about this:  They connect to their butterfly source and it tells them.  Just like it tells them which plant is a milkweed.

This explains so many so-called mysteries of the animal world.  They can connect to their source.

Here's my question:  If a small creature with a tiny brain can connect to source sufficiently to navigate to Mexico, imagine what we can do once we truly begin connecting to ours.

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