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Jun 15

Washed Up or Washed Away?

By Ron D. Carlson | Becoming

Lovely view, looking over the railing at the rushing waters below. Powerful, moving, yet still. Almost mesmerizing. Unless, it’s not a raging river outside, it’s INSIDE. The raging waters are in YOU. Then, then the question may be:Am I Washed Up Here or Washed Away?Fear rises as the waves rush through, the inevitable power of water claiming it’s placeWashed […]

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Mar 17

The Crock about Balance

By Ron D. Carlson | Balance

The Crock About BalanceYou’ve probably heard the phrase “work/life balance”, right?  I usually hear it used right along with “you need to achieve better (work/life balance). Really?  Truly?   Hmmmm.  Ever try to balance on a bicycle without being in movement?  Pretty hard to balance that bike standing still isn’t it. A high wire circus walker is usually […]

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Jan 04

Make a Date with Your Fears

By Ron D. Carlson | Breathe

There is noise in the mists.  Ill-defined, a bit eerie. A sinking feeling in your gut you sometimes can’t ignore. The “I’d rather be someplace else, almost anyplace” feeling. We all have them.  Fear.  Whether large or small, seemingly overwhelming or laughable, fear it is.  Don’t get me wrong, some fear is survival based and […]

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