The Deep Peace that Comes only AFTER Hiking Up Your Big Girl Panties

By Ron D. Carlson | Becoming

Apr 24

Wouldn't We All Like a Bliss Download

There is a deep peace that only comes after deciding to pull 'em up and face into the unknown like a big girl or boy.

And usually we can tell the difference between someone comforting us about a tough spot, commiserating really.  The kind of energy that actually feels WORSE after a minute or two.  The relating that doesn't help.  Nothing changes.

No deep peace or settlement comes of it.

Sometimes, I'd love to say "Bliss Me Baby".  Deep down though, I also know that when I see the REAL cause of my difficulty, or unsetttlement or lack of peace, it's actually ME.  A "Bliss Bomb" ( or "Bliss Balm", take your pick) doesn't actually fix that.

Now, grabbing my flashlight and shining it into the darkness, facing it, that's different.  Take on the attitude of moving forward, of being responsible for my progress, of knowing there is struggle to get to growth.

Own it.  Hike 'em up, face into the wind and keep going.

Then, then comes the deep peace, the new settlement, the "Yes I Can" that goes further than ever before.  Then, the the path ahead is a little less scary and a little more enriched by understanding and courage.

Time to hike 'em up!

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