May 15

Did Someone Steal Your Colors?

Has every day become another gray, rainy day?

Is every experience reduced to the linear cut & dried of black and white?

It has for a lot of people and I was once one of them.

Remember the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie "Joe Versus the Volcano"  YouTube Joe Versus the Volcano trailer for a quick reminder.

The movie opens with Joe trudging through puddles of mud, dragging himself to work in a dreary B&W scene. At one point, he gets inspired by seeing a daisy bloom through the sidewalk crack only to be crushed by feet trudging into work.

This is the case for lots of people.  The awe had turned awful. The spring in the step turned into the chill of winter.

The great news is that no one needs to stay there.  There is a way to reclaim being alive, aware and connected to all around you.

Grab the F-R-E-E book above and let's get started.

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About the Author

My name is Ron D. Carlson and I help women and some men who feel that life has passed them by. They are stuck on the hamster wheel. They feel like the best times are over. I help them rediscover passion in their lives and feel the magic again. It’s Time to "Fall in Love with Living Again." The journey to reclaiming your life begins with passion. Let's get started. You'll feel alive and connected to the world around you for the first time in years. Ron D. Carlson - Destiny Mentor | Change Artist | Intuitive Advisor | Escaped Executive | The Space Man