Ditch Your Vision Board, Immediately

By Ron D. Carlson | Vision Board

Mar 02

Ditch Your Vision Board, Immediately

We keep hearing about visualizing and manifesting. Vision Boarding. Law of Attraction.

There is a problem though. Big problem if you are counting on these working for you.

They don’t always work. Wait, stop, let that sink in.

Trying to use the Law of Attraction, daily positive affirmation statements to manifest what you want and building a Vision Board are all important and useful tools in creating change.

And, they don’t always work.

In my free book “Ditch Your Vision Board”, I explain the Three Keys for Profound Change. It turns out, it’s critical to know which step you are on so that you use the tools most likely to be effective for that step.

In the first step or Key of Change, creating a Vision Board makes perfect sense. A person begins to assemble the pieces of their next step, what it feels like, what it frees them to do or be, who joins them in this big dream (and who does not). Picturing “being there” with there being someplace else!   In this step, the person starts to believe that change is possible, and likely finds a resource that reflects belief back to them that “yes, you can”.

You need to feel belief that you can shift, to feel you can change. This swelling belief is the first key but belief alone doesn’t bring high odds of change!

Yes, you need to see others who are doing the changing that you want to do and seeing others who have changed is a vital aspect of Key One.

Does a Vision Board work by itself? Sometimes, particularly for small changes it does. It certainly primes the pump inside to begin inviting new possibilities and expanding a person’s network of resources. If you need to get a new apartment or a particular model of new car, this first Key is exactly where to start.

For a change bigger than a result like a new apartment or a 10% improvement in your finances, for a change that involves YOU being different, the fact is that you need to feel you can do the changing too and then start doing the doing yourself.  A Vision Board by itself, is unlikely to get you there.

This is the very problem with using a Vision Board. You can see yourself as changed, as successful, as “arrived”. But usually, Vision Boarders don’t picture themselves as actually doing the steps needed to change, of doing the steps to BE DIFFERENT. It turns out, imagining being at the finish line doesn’t translate into being able to run the race to get there!

In fact, using a Vision Board alone is not likely to attract the change the seeker is looking for. Five recent studies confirmed people using Vision Boards got worse results than people following alternative plans. Ouch, not good.

Even worse, some even had their visions backfire completely. Internationally known writer and speaker on leadership development Brian Tracy also comments that in speaking to tens of thousands of people annually, most are NOT advancing as these envisioned using Vision Boards and their understanding of the Law of Attraction. Deep ouch.

If you are using a Vision Board alone as your change strategy, time to let it go, it’s time to Ditch your Vision Board ™ for a change strategy that actually works all the way through the three keys of change.

(All right, not ready to Ditch Your Vision Board ™? It can work IF, and this is a very big IF, IF you follow using your Vision Board with keys two and three.)

You are welcome to read more about that in my free book, Ditch Your Vision Board. I’d love to send it directly to you with my compliments!


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