Enter the Plasma of Belief

By Ron D. Carlson | Plasma of Belief

Mar 24

A recent survey revealed a stunning statistic about patients seeing their cardiologist for heart pain. For patients’ with severe and debilitating pain, the frank assessment from the physician often went like this: You have a choice. You must change your diet, start exercising and take cholesterol medications or you will be dead in six months.

The physicians gave their patients a stark choice, follow the instructions or die. The stunning result is the vast majority of patients, on the order of 80%, did NOT comply with the directions in spite of the dire consequences.

Why? Upon further review, the physicians revealed they actually did NOT believe these patients would change based on the physicians experience with prior patients. They expected them to fail.

There actually is a highly successful program just for these kinds of patients originated by Dean Ornish. M.D. In this program, 80% DO succeed. This was not a one-time event. The program has a track record of years and years of success.

What’s the difference?

In the classic approach, the patient is faced by stark ultimatums including death, fear and unspoken criticism. Experience shows it does not work.

In the successful program, the patients entered a structured program surrounded by encouragement and conviction that they would progress. They were enveloped by positive examples of others who already made the lifestyle changes while being offered yoga, smoothies and healthy meals. By the end of the first week, many already reported significant reductions in their pain and they noticed how much better they felt.

What happened?

They entered a Plasma of Belief.

This is the first Key to spirited change.  Entering a Plasmas of Belief is all about imagining the result. Picturing “being there” with there being someplace else!   In this step, the person starts to believe that change is possible, and likely finds a resource that reflects belief back to them that “yes, you can”. Perhaps a mentor who “takes them under their wing”. It could be an author whose work speaks to them and moves them deeply or a workshop presenter. Possibly a coach.

After entering The Plasma of Belief ™, and finding a source of belief, you then witness others doing the very change you yourself want to do. The possibility of accomplishing your very dream is confirmed through testimonials, live demonstration, case studies and other proofs.

Through various means, the message is “if we can do it, you can too”!

You need to feel belief that you can shift, to feel you can change. You need to come into the feeling that the change is not based on fear or ultimatums or threats.

You need to see others who are doing the changing that you want to do. Seeing others who have changed is a vital aspect of starting a fundamental change process.  Fostering the belief in self that change is possible is the first key to navigating fundamental change.


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