Only $10 for Horizons "Circle of Change" Mastermind

Plus Save $200 on Map Your Path virtual class

By Ron D. Carlson | Change

Jan 15

You already KNOW the value of having an expert coach at your side while you Map Your Path to Destiny.

You appreciate the encouragement that comes from being in a community of people like you.  A mastermind group.

But, WHERE can you find both community and mastermind at an affordable price?

For a limited time, RIGHT HERE!

I am offering a monthly, mastermind call for only $10 a month to provide expert guidance on navigating change.  Plus, each call includes intuitive guidance too!  Just $10 a month.  That's right, only $10 a month.  The usual price is $19 so this is nearly a 50% saving!

Read more about the Horizons Mastermind right here....

Now I'd like to SAVE you $200 MORE!

I offer a totally unique, 10-week virtual class, Map YOUR Path to Destiny.

This 10-Week Virtual Course guides you to build your penultimate life dream vision AND map your life path to get there.

Isn't it time to Become your dream instead of chasing an illusive mirage you never reach!  Now you can!

Read more about the Map Your Path to Destiny class here...

Just DON'T buy from that page.  Sign up for Three months of the Horizons Mastermind below ($10 a month X 3 months = $30).  Once you do, you can access the entire 10-week class for only $197.  That's a savings of $200 on the class + $27 on the Mastermind = $227 savings.

Easy-Peasy Sign Up Too

Click here to sign up for the Horizons Mastermind group via PayPal.  Once you do, you'll get a special link to the discount pricing on the 10-week class.

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About the Author

My name is Ron D. Carlson and I help women and some men who feel that life has passed them by. They are stuck on the hamster wheel. They feel like the best times are over. I help them rediscover passion in their lives and feel the magic again. It’s Time to "Fall in Love with Living Again." The journey to reclaiming your life begins with passion. Let's get started. You'll feel alive and connected to the world around you for the first time in years. Ron D. Carlson - Destiny Mentor | Change Artist | Intuitive Advisor | Escaped Executive | The Space Man