How We Work Together

How We Work Together

Truthfully, you can’t go it alone into finding your passionate purpose. That will get you nowhere fast. But you can get where you want to go with a guide, a mentor, someone who has been there and figured out how to go forward, someone who will help you shift the way you think about things, help you see your unique gifts and who will pick you up with things are tough. (Because things often get tough before they get better.)

You're Here to do Great Things

Listen, you are not alone. You don’t have to do it alone any more. Give yourself the support you need. Because we all need a hand to hold when the going gets tough.

And we all need someone else to remind us (at times) why we came here in the first place.

That is, you're here to do great things.

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We're a Partnership

Working with me is a partnership.  I hold space for you to create your audacious vision and then step into it. I show you the steps so you know the steps to take.  You're the one taking the steps forward.

How Long Have You Been Doing What You do and How Did You Get to be "The Passionate Intuitive" Expert?

In one way, since I was two years old, seeing energy around my crib.  I grew up with no one I could safely talk to.

Perhaps you've had times when you didn't know anyone to talk to either. You do now.

I've been helping people find their way from blahs to aahhhs for years now  and find their passion, their why for being.

I'm not someone who went to a weekend coaching workshop and decided to be a "coach".  I bring you decades of my experience.  I worked on Space Shuttle, ran a hospital, taught at university, ran my own companies.  I've been there.  Most importantly, I learned how to reconnect with passionate living and then change as I needed to. I learned how to fall in love with living again.

Who Do You Work With?

I help women and some men who feel that life has passed them by. They are stuck on the hamster wheel. They feel like the best times are over. I help them rediscover passion in their lives and feel the magic again.

I work with people from all walks of life who KNOW their life has seems full of blahs and they are ready to change that.  They deeply want to get back in touch with living passionately instead of feeling they are stuck on a hamster wheel. 

I work with people who are ready to accept help to shift how it's going for them, people who know there is more and re ready to dig deep to claim it.

I work with people who value the assistance they get.

What is expected of me if I decide to work with you?

I'm here to guide you, hold space, nudge you into movement and hold you accountable, with love. 

Your part is to show up for our engagements.

You do your assignments and ask for help when you feel stuck.

You accept that you'll be uncomfortable sometimes as you stretch out of being stuck and into a bright new possibility.

And, you you know you are 100% responsible for the results you get.

And I'll help you draw a map to your passionate living future.  It's then up to you whether you follow the map.