Passionate Intuition Mastermind Group

Limited Time Special

You feel there is intuitive guidance out there for you, but can you trust it?  

Aren't there understandings to be found about the energy worlds around you that make sense?

What happened to being connected to truth and feeling purpose through knowings? 

You know deeply there is more but how can you find out? 

Your intuition flickers, but can you fully awaken it?

Do you really have to be gifted to unlock the secrets?

You CAN learn to trust your intuition and build your connection to your own guidance.

You can feel connected.

It simply takes the right kind of soft and gentle practice, the support of a community of like minded people and training from an experienced mentor who's been there.

You CAN do this!

I realized the best support for participants in my programs includes BOTH expert advice about intuitive growth AND a supportive community so I created Intuitive Secrets Mastermind, a small, group program.

  • Monthly small group call
  • Passionate Intuition - Living it
  • Content about Building Your Intuition in each call
  • Time for Q&A in each call
  • The program runs for six months
  • $ 27/month with a six month commitment for a limited time
Membership is Only $ 27 a Month  
(for a limited time)   

Ron works in a caring way where he leads and guides by gently moving forward whilst ensuring that I stayed with him and understood exactly what he was saying and doing. He is not intrusive or commanding. Ron is insightful and very loving, he exudes confidence and care. ♥️

By the end, the heavy feeling of striving and struggle changed to possibilities and optimism.

Ruth Mark-Roland Psychotherapist

Maria Katerie McGuire, Munich Germany

Along the way, Ron Carlson has genuinely delivered a multitude of insights, encouragement, excellent counsel, multiple levels of tools, and practical advice. I am in awe that the experience of success is within my potential rather than being fearful that failure will prevent it. With great gratitude for his experience and willingness to facilitate change from the individual level to larger organizations.

Maria Katerie McGuire, Munich Germany Healing Artist


I will back up my confidence that what is offered here WORKS!  My "Pretty Straight Forward Guarantee" is this - Show Up for the Classes/Sessions and try the assignments.  Then, if you don't feel you received value after trying for one month, I'll refund you 100% of your fee. After the first month, we'll work together through the program duration.

Know that I see you, yes YOU and I'm glad you're here!

My name is Ron D. Carlson but you can call me the Rocket Man and I am passionate about helping people who want to change.

I will help you to design a clear path forward that will guide you toward lasting success and inner fulfillment.

My goal is to help you reveal the truth of the inner spiritual urging you feel. Only then can you fully embrace your innate genius.

I can help you BECOME your dream instead of chasing a mirage you never reach.



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