Make a Date with Your Fears

By Ron D. Carlson | Breathe

Jan 04

There is noise in the mists.  Ill-defined, a bit eerie.

A sinking feeling in your gut you sometimes can’t ignore.

The “I’d rather be someplace else, almost anyplace” feeling.

We all have them.  Fear.  Whether large or small, seemingly overwhelming or laughable, fear it is.  Don’t get me wrong, some fear is survival based and normal.  I am talking about irrational fears here.  Worries that, in truth, don’t need to be.

My point is that there is a message in these fears and worries.  No, I don’t mean weakness.  The fear message is “Hey, you are WASTING a lot of your precious energy, RIGHT HERE”.  By avoiding, sugar-coating, covering-up, falsely settling for, we are setting ourselves up to forever have to use energy to defend against becoming conscious of this uncomfortable area.

These become huge energy sucks.

Here is an alternative, Make a Date with your Fears. Plan to spend 30 minutes or an hour and just sit, allowing the uncomfortable feeling to rise.  Don’t run, don’t judge yourself, don’t deny it.  Just sit.


Listen.  You may learn when, long ago, this fear arose.  Perhaps you were a child and all this time, your inner guard has been carrying it even though for an adult, the level of fear is entirely out of proportion to your life now.

Make a date with part of your fears and you may well discover that by accepting this part of your experience, you defuse it’s power over you now by a great percent.  You may find you can now laugh and let it go.  You may find it shrinks by half.

You will certainly have the opportunity to love a part of yourself you have semi-consciously been trying to avoid for a long, long time.


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