Passionate Intuition Mastermind Group

You feel like there is intuitive guidance out there for you, but can you trust it?

"Passionate Intuition is Practical"

Aren't there understandings to be found about the energy worlds around you that make  sense?

What happened to being connected to truth?

Your intuition flickers, but can you fully ignite it?

Do you have to be born gifted to unlock the secrets?

Blowing Out the Nonsense 


  • You can build your connection to your passionate guidance
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Feel connected

It simply takes the right kind of soft and gentle practice, the support of a community of like-minded people and guidance from an experienced mentor.  This is a natural skill you can learn to build!

You CAN Do This!

Ignite Your Intuitive Guidance


My experience with Ron was enlightening as well as encouraging.

I received clarity on an issue that was creating stress in my life and body.

The cards Ron pulled for me triggered a past event and memory that needed attention from me to be healed.

Clarity and focus was what I needed and Ron opened the door for the process to unfold. Thank you Ron!


Ron works in a caring way where he leads and guides by gently moving forward whilst ensuring that I stayed with him and understood exactly what he was saying and doing. He is not intrusive or commanding. Ron is insightful and very loving, he exudes confidence and care. ♥️

By the end, the heavy feeling of striving and struggle changed to possibilities and optimism.

Ruth Mark-Roland Psychotherapist

Ron is a truly kind person and he knew immediately what I am, asking me of my experience as a healer and in the intuitive world (I am a professional rune reader). His reading was amazing and I loved his insights and the advice he gave me in order to reach my full potential. Many thanks for the beautiful reading. I appreciated very much the time he dedicated to me and the insights and advice.

Merlyn Elfwood, Reggio Emilia, Italy Author, Rune Reader

Wonderful! Ron is incredibly intuitive and he was able to go right to the heart of the issue I was feeling challenged around.

There's a deeper awareness of what's actually happening (on a much bigger scale in my life) than I had previously thought.

Ron helped me to see that I'm in a time of expansion and so some of the things I've been challenged with are simply part of the process I need to go through as I expand into a new level of beingness.

Ron is amazing. I love how he hears - truly hears - what's at the deeper level of the question being asked. Thank you, Ron!


As an intuitive adviser myself, I rarely seek out others for readings.

When I saw Ron's picture, I felt an instant knowing that he would be able to provide the kind of insight and practical advice I needed. I was right!

Ron’s knowledge is deep and his approach to delivering that information is thoughtful and kind. There were a few challenged cards in the reading and he carefully helped me understand their meaning and offered wise counsel on how to manage the potential changes.

At the end of our session, I was well informed and felt empowered to deal with whatever lies ahead. Thank you so much Ron!

Susan Elizabeth Espinosa Intuitive Life Coach

Maria Katerie McGuire, Munich Germany

Along the way, Ron Carlson has genuinely delivered a multitude of insights, encouragement, excellent counsel, multiple levels of tools, and practical advice. I am in awe that the experience of success is within my potential rather than being fearful that failure will prevent it. With great gratitude for his experience and willingness to facilitate change from the individual level to larger organizations.

Maria Katerie McGuire, Munich Germany Healing Artist

He’s very warm, compassionate and thoughtful. He delivers the information and the most loving and kind and supportive way.

It completely affirmed what I’ve been pondering and he really helped me get clear on what needs to happen to support myself.

Absolutely! And with loving kindness. Sooo worth it.

Ron is amazing and brings such wisdom and heartfelt encouragement. No judgment. Very powerful.

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