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What People Are Saying About Working with Ron!

Rachel Lee Prayer Warrior

Ron listened to my concerns in how I was feeling about myself. He asked the right questions to make me go deeper and express feelings that I pushed down.

After speaking to Ron I took more time for me and what I needed. I was able to express myself more.

I learned that it is okay to make mistakes and not be so hard on myself. I am not meant to be perfect.

Gina Baker, Knoxville TN Spiritual Counselor and Energy Worker

Founder, Bloom Alternative Wellness

As far as my personal life I am more certain as to what I want which has given me the confidence to ask for what it is that I need. WOW!!! WOW!!

After the workshop, I felt empowered to entertain new ideas and explore changes that I have always wanted to create for myself but never felt like I had the strength or experience to do! Now I am spending more time loving myself and more time making other changes to grow in the directions that are needed to feed my passion.

The biggest challenge in staying connected with my goals was to have someone hold me accountable. I gained a great amount of trust in Ron because he was very attentive and always coming up with creative ideas to keep me moving forward in the direction of where I wanted to go. Ron has an amazing gift to keep me focused, to keep me moving toward my goals no matter how hard the challenges.

As far as my personal life I am more certain as to what I want which has given me the confidence to ask for it! WOW!!! WOW!!

Marti Murphy EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher

He’s very warm, compassionate and thoughtful. He delivers the information and the most loving and kind and supportive way.

It completely affirmed what I’ve been pondering and he really helped me get clear on what needs to happen to support myself.

Absolutely! And with loving kindness. Sooo worth it.

Ron is amazing and brings such wisdom and heartfelt encouragement. No judgment. Very powerful.

Pamela Gott, Knoxville TN MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Gott Family Medical & The Face Place

Terrific workshop! Really liked the workbook and meditation session. The culmination of integral components with explanations was terrific! Ron put ALL the core theories and ideas into focus to use!

Maria Katerie McGuire, Munich Germany Healing Artist

The workshop was on-going and engaging with a progression of aha moments followed by reinforcement. It was non-stop!

Within a month of Ron Carlson’s workshop, I began a new business adventure just as I was freeing myself of a stagnant obligation to another organization. In the workshop, he provided clear tools and a progression of depth to focus on what really matters. With renewed perspective and confidence, I practiced my discovered strengths by forecasting positive change and envisioning a dream.

Along the way, Ron Carlson has genuinely delivered a multitude of insights, encouragement, excellent counsel, multiple levels of tools, and practical advice. I am in awe that the experience of success is within my potential rather than being fearful that failure will prevent it. With great gratitude for his experience and willingness to facilitate change from the individual level to larger organizations.

Carole Ann Kaplan Retired


Ron and I spoke this afternoon after my waiting less than 24 hours to connect with this man my friends told me was insightful and very helpful. My friends did not exaggerate. I find myself struggling to find passion in my life after retiring several years ago. My passion came originally from inspiring my students to be creative when they were in high school, a passion I have since lost.

However, after talking with Ron for just 30 minutes I began to feel I could capture the passion I once had and, if I followed Ron's guidance, the passion was bound to follow. I am hopeful for my future and grateful to spend time with Ron today. I believe for the first time in a very long time that I can find my passion...she is just waiting for me. Thank you, Ron!

Amber Lynn, Brooklyn NY Natural Products Educator

I am DRENCHED in appreciation for the vision you midwifed with me!

Linda Lang, Ottowa Canada Emotional Alchemist, Sacred Empath

Your words have touched me more than you know

. Thank you for this message. It brings shivers and deep gratitude when I think of aligning my mind & language with the service I am here to give.

You gave me a most interesting reading! Bringing in enough info to confirm what I already knew, and new insights for me to be aware of.

Pleasure spending time with you today, and for the insights you brought through for me. Thank you.

Rev. Anne Presuel Business coach - Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

Wonderful! Ron is incredibly intuitive and he was able to go right to the heart of the issue I was feeling challenged around.

There's a deeper awareness of what's actually happening (on a much bigger scale in my life) than I had previously thought.

Ron helped me to see that I'm in a time of expansion and so some of the things I've been challenged with are simply part of the process I need to go through as I expand into a new level of beingness.

Ron is amazing. I love how he hears - truly hears - what's at the deeper level of the question being asked. Thank you, Ron!

Susan Elizabeth Espinosa Intuitive Life Coach

As an intuitive adviser myself, I rarely seek out others for readings.

When I saw Ron's picture, I felt an instant knowing that he would be able to provide the kind of insight and practical advice I needed. I was right!

Ron’s knowledge is deep and his approach to delivering that information is thoughtful and kind. There were a few challenged cards in the reading and he carefully helped me understand their meaning and offered wise counsel on how to manage the potential changes.

At the end of our session, I was well informed and felt empowered to deal with whatever lies ahead. Thank you so much Ron!

Philip Granger, PhD , Oklahoma Professional Educator

I've known thousands of people in my personal and professional life. Ron Carlson is one of the wisest people I have ever known. He is 5 star!

Ruth Mark-Roland Psychotherapist

Ruth Mark-Roland London, UK

Ron works in a caring way where he leads and guides by gently moving forward whilst ensuring that I stayed with him and understood exactly what he was saying and doing. He is not intrusive or commanding. Ron is insightful and very loving, he exudes confidence and care. ♥️

By the end, the heavy feeling of striving and struggle changed to possibilities and optimism.

Merlyn Elfwood, Reggio Emilia, Italy Author, Rune Reader

Ron is a truly kind person and he knew immediately what I am, asking me of my experience as a healer and in the intuitive world (I am a professional rune reader). His reading was amazing and I loved his insights and the advice he gave me in order to reach my full potential. Many thanks for the beautiful reading. I appreciated very much the time he dedicated to me and the insights and advice.