Should I Do This? Questions Part I

By Ron D. Carlson | Science of Change

Jan 12

We all do this one, have a little internal q&a dance with our Should Monster from time to time.  You know, that second-guessing creature we live with.

It’s an old dance though isn’t it.  The outcome is familiar. No one ends up enjoying it either!  If we choose “right”, we feel relieved.  If we choose “wrong”, we charge ourselves with a mistake.

How about changing the dance?

Ready to something upbeat, full of movement, unfettered in possibility?  How about adding in self support and encouragement for going  forward and simply feeling satisfaction for the very “act” of deciding.

Here is an alternative:  Instead of asking “should I”, try, “Is this something I can simply decide and then get off of my plate?”

If “yes”, decide and move on, satisfied that making simply decisions and clearing them out of our minds if far preferable to the “noise” created by scoring ourselves as “right” or “wrong”.

We feel cleaner and lighter in the process.

But, but what if it’s NOT a simple question?  We’ll look at the other types of questions in coming posts. Stay tuned!

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