Why Isn't It Working For You?

By Ron D. Carlson | Change

Feb 11

So, Why Isn’t It Working For You?

It’s not because you’re a failure, or flawed or incompetent.  The reason is usually due to one (or more) of the following:

   You’re trying to fix the wrong things

   You’re not joined to your natural strengths

   You’re not serving a purpose bigger than you

   You’re not spending MOST of your time on what you deeply value

   You’re acting outside of your natural genius style

In short, you’re NOT being pulled toward your future by forces greater than your past. I know, that seems clinical, perhaps blunt but it’s true.

The remedy for an intentional, purposeful person is to begin using ALL of the steps of change consistently and ongoingly.  You’ll find you are pulled toward your dream instead of banging your head on closed doors.

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