Sometimes, We Need to Find New Wings

By Ron D. Carlson | Learn to Fly

Jun 24
My daughter raises monarch butterflies and releases them. So extraordinary to watch their transformation process!
Sometimes, one emerges but their wings don’t fully open and they can’t fly.
She feeds them honey water and watches them walk around their enclosure. We’re figuring out how to remove the old wings and replace them with new wings!
My point is, every butterfly is born with wings. Sometimes, they need help to unfold.
We too have our wings and sometimes, we too need a little help to get them unfolded so we can soar!
That’s the becoming, finding our wings and learning how to fully extend them so we can soar.
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My name is Ron D. Carlson and I help women and some men who feel that life has passed them by. They are stuck on the hamster wheel. They feel like the best times are over. I help them rediscover passion in their lives and feel the magic again. It’s Time to "Fall in Love with Living Again." The journey to reclaiming your life begins with passion. Let's get started. You'll feel alive and connected to the world around you for the first time in years. Ron D. Carlson - Destiny Mentor | Change Artist | Intuitive Advisor | Escaped Executive | The Space Man

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