The Struggle Train is Broken - it's Going NOWHERE You Want To Go

By Ron D. Carlson | Changing from Within

Feb 25

The Struggle Train is Broken - It's Going Nowhere You Want to Go

Trying harder, and Harder and HARDER and Not getting there.

I know all about the Struggle Train, and getting OFF!

My last day on The Struggle Train was one morning, when I was about to head into the executive gig that had become a J-O-B and I thought, why is this so HARD, sleepless nights hard, energy robbing hard?

Then I got it, this job was another ride on The Struggle Train and this train was going nowhere I wanted to go.

So, I got off that train, scared and liberated all at the same time. In one audacious moment of listening to my genius, I challenged a colleague that we would develop and put on an original workshop, on the other side of the country in six weeks! That workshop are entirely about revealing your unique, spirited self.

Outrageous, totally unrealistic.Impossible. Ridiculous. We did it anyway.

In six weeks, I wrote my first book, Unlock Your Transformation Codes, designed an original 3 day workshop and co-delivered it.

We worked “right” instead of “hard”. The hours passed effortlessly as though they were just minutes. Sweet. Natural genius.

I stopped being a commuter when I threw my Struggle Train pass out the window and stepped into the truth of my natural genius.

You can too.
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My name is Ron D. Carlson and I help women and some men who feel that life has passed them by. They are stuck on the hamster wheel. They feel like the best times are over. I help them rediscover passion in their lives and feel the magic again. It’s Time to "Fall in Love with Living Again." The journey to reclaiming your life begins with passion. Let's get started. You'll feel alive and connected to the world around you for the first time in years. Ron D. Carlson - Destiny Mentor | Change Artist | Intuitive Advisor | Escaped Executive | The Space Man

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