The Crock about Balance

By Ron D. Carlson | Balance

Mar 17

The Crock About Balance

You've probably heard the phrase "work/life balance", right?  I usually hear it used right along with "you need to achieve better (work/life balance).

Really?  Truly?   Hmmmm.  Ever try to balance on a bicycle without being in movement?  Pretty hard to balance that bike standing still isn't it.

A high wire circus walker is usually moving their feet or arms or a balancing pole.  They don't just stand statue still.

My point is, some aspects of life, real life, can be intensely moving, engaged, all-in affairs for awhile.  When I was still in corporate executive work, some weeks were intensely over-the-top with work.  Other weeks allowed much more relaxed family time.

Watching two children being born gave me a sobering and awe-inspiring appreciation for a mom in labor.  Full bore engaged.

You could say these are examples of being completely out of balance.  The houseplants, the pets, the yard and so on are all getting less aren't they.

Whenever I'm full-on engaged in one area, others are getting less attention for awhile.  I actually  believe this is NORMAL life.  Our activity flows and ebbs from one area of focus to another.

We actually are NEVER in balance for long.  We pass back and forth through a balance point, but can't stay on it.

The "aha point" to me is letting go of expecting to be "in balance" since that's rarely sustainable and look instead to being in alignment and being intact.

Instead:  Being in Alignment and Being Intact

Time to FLY

By being in alignment, I mean that the mix of what I am doing and why I am doing it is lined up with my core values, my unique genius style, my character and my ultimate life vision. In a nutshell, there is no contradiction among these.  This is what alignment is about.

All of that "doing" and "being"without my feeling "blown-up", "burned-out" "stress-wrecked" and "lost".  In other words, intact to becoming my why and not feeling I'm chasing a mirage that simply is not reachable.

Finding this path of alignment and intactness is what my 10-week online course is all about:  Map Your Path to Destiny.  And sure, you can read more about that right here:


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