The Job is NOT to Become Something

By Ron D. Carlson | Accepting Self

Jan 26

The Job is NOT to Become SOMETHING

  Oh my, do we intentional peeps get ourselves into a twist on this one.  Yes, I want to become.   My best and brighter future is right over there.  That in fact is what I want.  That future, that's my SOMETHING.

Really?  For sure?

Let me ask a question:  Is the certainty in knowing exactly what you want and how to get there OR is the certainty that you want something different, bigger and more that you have now?

The Have Your "Something" Minority

Some intentional folks already know EXACTLY where they are going and how to get there. Woo-woo! You know what you want and you're going for it.  You have your "Something".  And you know what, you're in the minority!

Most of us intentional folks know is that there is much more for us than we've found but we don't know exactly what the destination is.  Not yet, we're trying to discover it.  We also haven't defined the "how" of getting there.

Our lives are much more an unfolding  journey than a defined roadtrip with a known destination.

However, we journeyers often feel the urge to find that more and bring it into life in our lives.  The million dollar question is how do you do that, right?

Right There is the Trap

The work harder, take classes, study, improve in technique; all of that.  By themselves, these DON'T actually work for a seeker wanting to release a profound truth and a unique gift. If they did work, we would have discovered our path long ago!

What does work?  Being pulled forward.  Being pulled by a vision that is so compelling, you can breakout of the traps of old patterns and habits that hold you back.

Unlock Your Stuff - Finding Your Gems

Gold and Pearls - The Treasure in YOU

It starts with unlocking your stuff.  Unlocking your own unique strengths and values, discovering your own natural genius style and building a compelling picture of your penultimate vision.  A vision so powerful that it helps pull the seeker forward, up and out. 

This process is so powerful, I designeda 10-week, virtual class around it.  You can read about the Map Your Path to Destiny course right here:

The Job is the Journey of Becoming

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