Tech Bad Hair Day?

By Ron D. Carlson | Trust Your Intuition

May 24

I had a tech bad hair day today.  We all have them don't we.  No, don't panic, this isn't a post about tech but about I learned to do about it.

This week, I'm in the middle of a business event which facilitates peeps getting invited to my F-R-E-E Facebook Challenge and my new book!  Woo-hoo.  But last night, I checked again to insure everything was working and, nuts, it wasn't.

Everything was working the other day so what happened?  

Actually, it turned out that my security certificate (that's the https bit) just expired, during the event that that blew up the download links!  AARGH!

Who knew, right?  Well, actually, I did.

My intuition had told me that something on this needing checking a month ago!  I didn't follow up, sadly.  Yesterday, I got the nudge again but it took me all day to check.  

My systems were telling me all along.

Here are my two take-aways:

1) Listen to your guidance and FOLLOW-UP

2) (and this is a plug)

If you're not fully satisfied with your web host, consider the highly ranked Site Ground. They had me sorted out in 30 minutes then they spend another 30 minutes on improving my site speed.  

Why I love them:

Customer Support is top notch and blazing fast.

Their uptime is 100%.

I'm paying less than with my last host.  Yup, less.

Ok, some tech bits, they offer a SSL Certificate f-r-e-e, super caching and free CDN service, all to improve your website speed.  Google cares about this in their rankings btw.

If you want more info here's a link ( I will get a free month if you sign up so its hardly a bribe)

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